What does it mean if I receive a statement from the office?

If you receive a statement from the office your insurance has paid its part and the remainder is your responsibility.   Please note that a bill from Quest/Solstas labs is not a bill from us.  They are a separate entity. Please pay promptly to avoid any late charges. If you have questions about what your insurance covered or did not cover, please contact the 800 customer service number of the back of your card.

How do I get in touch with Labcorp Labs?

You can contact Labcorp labs by calling the number on the back of bill.  Save this first bill you get from them.  It is the only one with all the information you will need.   Call and confirm your insurance information is correct in their system and have them re-file if there was an error.    If they tell you that your insurance deemed a test “experimental” or a code is wrong call your insurance and get more information about which test and which code specifically.  Let Dr. Patel know that your insurance will not cover this test in the future and, if you would continue to need the test, we can arrange a “pay thru the practice” rate that will be cheaper.

After Hours Care

If you need after hours care, please evaluate the following:

  • Is it an emergency? Call 911
  • Do I need stitches? You can only get stitches within a 24 hour window of your injury otherwise bacteria can get into the wound.   If it’s over the weekend you will want to go to a local urgent care or to the local hospital.  If it is during the week, call the office immediately.
  • If you think you have broken a bone or think you have injured yourself and need xrays. Over the weekend, the ER is your best bet.  Most urgent cares do not have radiology services.   You will need an order from a physician to get radiology.

I need to see a specialist. What do I need to do/know?

Seeing a specialist is a process that is handled by our staff, the specialists staff and most essentially you.   Our staff will initiate the referral, sending over your demographic information, your insurance information, Dr. Patel’s notes and any other information they will need to assess your issue.  The specialist’s office can take up to 72 hours to get in contact with you as they have to know which physician is best for your case and check their schedule.  Please return all calls to their office quickly to ensure best availability.

I need to get some Radiology (Imaging) studies, What do I need to do/know?

For simple studies (X-Rays), Dr. Patel will give you any orders that you need. For exams that need to be scheduled ahead of time (All other imaging including: ultrasounds, MRIs, CT scans etc.) the staff will send the orders to the radiology office and someone should get in touch with you within 12-24 hours to schedule this exam. Exam results are faxed back to us and we will contact you by phone with next steps.

  • Where do you go for your xrays/mammograms/CTs etc – you will want to try to keep all your records in the same place.  You can go to any Raleigh Radiology or Wake Radiology location though because their records are centralized and can be seen from any location.
  • If you get radiology by another physician, please ask them to send us a copy of the report for your file, this is not done automatically. You are able to pick up a cd or copy of the films and reports for free at the radiologist, if they are not ready the same day, let them know you will come back for them.   You never know when you will need these if you re-injure yourself.
  • Are you a self-pay patient or do you have a large deductible? Radiology can be expensive and we have locations that do the same job for a lot cheaper if you do not have insurance (ie 50-75% less). Please ask the staff.

Are we in your network?

For a complete list of insurance we accept please check the Insurance Tab. Network participation changes every year and is decided by our government, our state politicians, your company’s HR, the choices you make if you have multiple to choose from, the insurance companies and finally, Dr. Patel.  There is no wonder everyone finds it annoying, confusing and ever-changing.  Insurance companies can change what and who and when you are covered at any time of the year.   Please pay very close attention to any mail they send you and check occasionally online to confirm

You are not crazy.  It also changes every year depending on your company’s decisions to save money.   Even if it looks identical, compare your old and new ID and group numbers, plan names, copays and deductibles every time you get a new card.  Check every test you get done, every specialist you see, every hospital you go to (some ER’s in the area are staffed by out of network doctors).   Surprises with insurance are rarely cheap and are usually a surprise to the patient.

I need to refill my medications?

If you are on your last two weeks of meds, please check:

  • Do you have refills waiting for you? If you only have one refill, make sure you have an appointment within 30 days.
  • If you do not have refills, do you have a scheduled appointment with Dr. Patel to get refills and blood work if necessary before you run out of medication, if not, call immediately as we are usually 2 weeks out on appointments and it takes 10 days to get your lab results back.
  • The most efficient way to request refills is to contact your pharmacy and have them send us a refill request electronically. These requests can take up to 72 hours to process. PLEASE DO NOT WAIT TILL THE 11 th Hour. 
  • Is it a controlled substance (Adderall, Xanax, Tramadol etc.) If you are not sure, ask Dr. Patel at your next visit or check the DEA’s website. These medications cannot be filled without first seeing Dr. Patel.

I don’t see the answer to my Question on the list. 

Please contact the office by phone (919-782-5288) or by email apptdrpatel@live.com and someone in the office will get back to you as soon as we can.