When you have your blood drawn here at the office:

Our Responsibility

A staff member will attempt to contact you with all of your results within 2 weeks via phone or email.Time constraints dictate that we can only make 3 attempts to contact you and then we count on you to contact us.

Your Responsibility

Make sure your email and phone numbers are correct when you check in or out of your visit and that you have signed an email consent form if you would like to receive this information via email.

Because our system only allows us to use one main email address per person, please do not fill out this form with a work email or a family email.

If you will give us permission to leave information on an answering machine or to a family member, we will need this in writing. Otherwise if we reach an answering machine or a family member, the message will be just to call the office back for your results. This applies to parents, siblings, guardians, spouses, regardless of how long we have known you. This is for everyone’s privacy and is federal law.

If we have not called or emailed you two weeks after your blood draw, please do contact us as human error has been known to occur. We will verify your date of birth, your email address, spelling of your name, etc to remedy the situation.

If You Get a Bill from Quest Labs

Our office does not get these bills: we never see them unless you give us a copy. This is between you, your insurance and Quest labs: contact the 800# on your statement.